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Aug 18, 2009· Making Live Rock. The major bio-filtration media in use by marine aquarists, whether they keep a reef or fish only system, is probably live rock and for good reason. Premium live rock is rock that has been fairly recently harvested from around the reefs, meaning it is 'rubble' rather than hewed from the reef itself. ...

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Aug 14, 2007· Does look like the trick is to make sure you "cure" it well - 6-8 weeks. Was planning to just dump it stream flowing near house for couple of months. Would have just in case someone in neighborhood wanted some. Here is the best link I found on recipe. Have fun! The Complete Cookbook for Making Live Rock from Cement and Other Types of Rock.

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DIY "Liverock" is a way of making very porous rock in nearly any shape you want. This has been my plan to do for a long time ever since I found this fascinating idea on Reefcentral (see links below). First only to make it as actual bacteria holding haven in the sump but now also…

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Jan 09, 2009· The easiest calcium based rock to find for making your own live rock is now becoming available in most aquarium stores everywhere. CaribSea now offers boxed "Reef Rocks" in 50 lb lots. You can get them through stores that carry the various CaribSea aragonite sands.

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Making your own live rock offers an infinite variety of design / color possibilities and the benefit of having custom display pieces that no one else has. The following is an innovative and unique process that incorporates resin, filler, foam and river rock to make live rock. Your finished live rock castings will look exactly like live rock.

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Apr 10, 2010· this is the first step(s) in making live rock for your reef/saltwater aquarium. i bought all of these items at tractor supply and at my local masonry/hardware store. total cost:$15 will make ALOT ...

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Mar 29, 2019· How to Make Fake Rocks with Concrete. Making artificial rock can benefit anyone, from the casual garden enthusiast to the landscaping professional who wants to spice up their garden life. Combining basic …

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you can help save habitat on the wild reef by using live rock that you grow. this rock can make a wonderful base for your reef aquarium. we have dozens of reef aquariums that are over three years old, and as you can see in our pictures the corals are thriving.

Making live rock | 3reef Aquarium Forums

Aug 05, 2009· I started this hobby in April and also took a real interest in making my own LR. I got some cement from the local "we have everything" store and mixed up a batch of rock. I started soaking my home made live rock (HMLR) in freshwater with a couple small powerheads to keep the water flowing.

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DIY Live Rock - Make Your Own! [Brent Lebo] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The modern reef aquarium tends to utilize a more natural form of filtration to maintain the best water quality. This is typically a combination of live sand and live rock from the ocean. Unfortunately

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Jul 28, 2007· Best Answer: To go along with what fivespeed said, it would also depend on the type of rock if you should even try to add it to your aquarium. Only rocks that are carbonate based should be used in saltwater aquaria. Besides buffering the tank pH, the carbonate rocks are much more porous, so they have more surface area for bacteria to colonize, and the bacteria are the reason live rock is used.

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Apr 28, 2008· You can use pvc piping to make the framework for the arch. You then can use a masonry bit to drill holes in the live rock being careful not to shatter part of the rock. The LR will be fine if you keep it moist with wet towels or spraying it. You can then use zipties to fasten the rock to the pvc pipe.

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Live rock is the foundation for any thriving saltwater tank and it is the base for saltwater aquarium decor. Rather than spending a fortune purchasing natural live rock, consider customizing your tank by creating your own live rock.

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Oct 31, 2009· There is more to live rock than just the bacteria. There are numerous other critters that come with live rock. That's one reason you want live rock to create other live rock. There's other such stuff in live sand, but some stuff that lives in live sand prefers sand, and some stuff that lives in live rock prefers rock. You also need to feed the tank while you're growing the live rock.

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The supplier that you purchase mail order live rock from should be reputable, be able to ship your live rock properly, and give you suggestions or instructions for introduction into your aquarium. Know what you are buying, and ask questions!

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Mar 05, 2019· I live on the intracoastal waterway in North Carolina, and am thinking about throwing some Marco rock in a mesh bag and tying it to the dock. I wondering if the types of life I would get from the mid Atlantic NC water would be useful in a reef tank?

Why Put Live Rock In Saltwater Aquariums?

There are different types of live rock. In J. Charles Delbeek's article "Your First Reef Aquarium," published in Aquarium USA in 1994, the Live Rock section refers to "reef rock" basically as pieces of coral or coral rock from outside the reef. The coral has broken off and fallen to the bottom, becoming covered with encrusting organisms, such as coralline algae and sponges.

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Gently rinse live rock in a small bucket of prepared saltwater. Remove loose organic debris and examine carefully for unwanted hitchhikers. Arrange the live rock in your aquarium as desired. Install aquarium equipment per manufacturer's instructions. Run the protein skimmer and main filtration system to make sure there is constant water movement.

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Jun 27, 2010· DIY "Live" rock 74396 - in DIY - Do It Yourself forum - I was looking through some of the DIY pages on this site, and noticed that there wasn't one yet for making "live" rock for SW aquariums....

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Nov 04, 2015· Using dry rock means it will take a while to look as good as true live rock in the tank. This may take several months to a year, depending on the tank and system. Over time, the growth of live corals and coralline algae will cover the rock structure and make it look more natural.

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May 16, 2005· Making Homemade live rock - Would anyone be interested in perhaps trying to do a weekend workshop making homemade live/base rock?Just curious since I think I …

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Live Rock is a living filter that will increase your success of keeping marine life ten fold over tanks that don't have it.PRE-CURED and HAND-PICKED LIVEROCK Saltwaterfish.com offers the very best "Pre-cured" Fiji Live Rock. Each piece that is shipped to our customers is hand-picked by our trained staff to offer you the best rock around.

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Jun 04, 2008· I happened to see some dead rock at a LFS that is dead corals similar to the live rock put in Marine tanks. They look like they are completely dead in a mesh bag - maybe bleached and sterilized in some manner - but they look like a white coral rocks and they are labeled as …

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May 21, 2013· You can add a bunch of dry rock later to fill the void of the tank, it just takes a long time for it to become "live" rock, but it definitely will. The biggest rock in my tank is a dry rock, but its starting to build up algae and transform.

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Mar 28, 2008· I have 90-100 lbs of dead live rock - so dead rock, back in the 72 gal in the garage. I have 2 power heads on it and a heater. Its cycling, I'm starting to get diatoms. Anyway, I want to salvage this rock. I will buy some new live rock and seed the tank with it. Do I need to run the filters and or lights to make it into live rock again.

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Live Rock & Sand. Live rock and live sand are full of beneficial organisms that create a healthy environment for your tank. Saltwaterfish.com has a great selection of live rock and live sand. From our premium Caribbean live rock to our gorgeous Live sand from the Florida Keys.

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Why Do We Cure? Steps in Curing Supplementation How to Aquascape its all about the rock! What is Live Rock? The first decision you will have to make when setting up a reef tank is the type of rock you will use for your aquascape. Real Reef A popular choice for most hobbyists now is using a manmade type of rock …

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Our Dry Live Rock once cured will be almost identical to the wet Live Rock you would purchase at the local fish store. Curing is a very simple process and just takes time, and then bacteria will start to populate on the surface making the dry live rock "live" again.

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Live rock is the most popular material used for natural biological filtration in saltwater aquariums. Aquarium live rock comes in two forms: wet and dry.Dry rock is going to be less expensive and easier to aquascape with. Dry rock we stock in our warehouse, and does not come with any living material on the surface. With proper curing, and a bit ...

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Jun 13, 2016· How do we make artificial live rock and what with? Artificial live rocks have been recently introduced into the market and artificial live rock can be 'seeded' in the ocean. In places like the Hawaiian islands, where I live, this is now the only way to legally keep an aquarium with live rock.

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Aug 19, 2013· Aragocrete is a great alternative to live rock. Showing off your rock can even lead to profit if you get good enough at making it. It is very affordable to make and with a little practice you can mike some very unique rocks that may bag a buck or two!

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May 17, 2008· You would be better off with limestone based LAce Rock, its primarily calcium carbonate based and similar to the stuff dumped into the ocean to grow cultured Live Rock. The other choice is to make it with Aragonite and portland cement. You can shape it to suit you and it provides decent porosity to foster anerobic bacteria for denitrification.